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I’ve been reading a lot of articles lately asking whether coaches have their own coaches to turn too when they need help.  Even if you are not a coach,  who do you reach out to if you need help/advice running your small business?  Who do the experts turn to when even they need expert advice?  Last Friday, I needed some advice myself, as a coach running a business, and I had a session with my coach.

I not only reach out to a coach, but also other professionals that can help me.  My session was enough to make all the difference in the world when it came to better understanding the direction I was aiming to grow, and also clarifying the facts and validating my know-how.

I feel like many people in professional roles are afraid to reach out for help.  They tell themselves if they need help, they may not be so professional after all.  They may start to second guess themselves asking, “If I need help with this, maybe I’m not that qualified”.  Not every professional can know everything there is to know about everything.  We get stuck in routines because they work for us with the things we run into day to day.  When something comes up that is outside of our norms, we should be able to feel confident asking for help from a coach, even just to see things from a different perspective than we’re used to.

We all need someone at some time to bounce ideas off of or to listen, even more so during these unprecedented times when we have to minimize contact with people we used to be able to reach easily.

Who do you call when you are need of some guidance or just need an ear to listen?