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Jumping in with both feet starting your own business is not always the best move if you have not set goals.  Goals are powerful.  Whether you are a Sole Proprietor or Incorporated you can benefit from goal setting. Much like New Year’s Resolutions though, the key is to set ACHIEVABLE goals and to map them out to ensure you follow through. Here’s how to start…

So what the heck are your goals anyhow? Launch? Profit? Expansion? Customer Service? Begin with a blue sky list of all your dreams and what you would like to achieve overall. Visualize where you would like to end up then work backwards and think about the baby steps it will take to get you there.

Now take a good hard look at that list and figure out what is ACHIEVABLE. If you don’t really think you are going to make a million sales in first month, scale it back to a number that you can really hit.

Make sure the goals left on your list are SPECIFIC. Clear language, clear targets. Don’t leave anything open to interpretation.

Map it out. Create a basic timeline and figure out how long you need to achieve each goal. Deadlines are good but try to give yourself some wiggle room if possible so you aren’t faced with looming deadlines that cause stress unnecessarily.

Look at each goal individually and create an ACTION LIST for each one. Make a point form checklist of every detail you need to complete. Assign actions to team members and make sure everyone is on board.

Thing long and short term. So you want to do x in the course of a year, now think about what that means on a day to day basis.

Make your goals MEASURABLE – you need to be able to hold yourself and your team accountable for reaching your targets. Being able to measure them will give you a crystal clear picture of what is going on.

As part of The Money Dream Machine Program, we discuss the  outcomes you want to achieve and help you create goals to make those outcomes happen. Get in touch or if you are in the Toronto area, sign up for our “Everything You Need to Know to Start Your Small Business” presentation at the Green Beanery. SIGN UP HERE

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