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The internet is a go-to for many answers in today’s world. Lost your microwave manual? Find it online. Want to make a cake, find the recipe with video online. Want step by step instructions on how to build a shed? Head to YouTube. But what if you want to start a business? There are many online resources for that including videos on YouTube but the easiest resource to find is often not the best one to lead you to success especially with something as important as your very own venture.

Now don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with good YouTube videos made by experts, but it isn’t wise to rely on videos as your how-to when setting up a business from scratch. Your business will have so many specific details that will not be covered by a video online. I have found that the best approach is to use professional consultation and training in order to learn the most and use videos to complement it.


Tailored to Your Needs – A program like The Money Dream Machine will come in with a game plan that exactly suits your company, industry, personal needs and goals. Even the best videos will still be for a more general audience and will not be specific enough for what you require.

Time Saving – We will have your questions answered on the spot and save you hours trying to find answers online. Anyone can upload a video to YouTube and you can spend ages just trying to find someone that is a true authority.

Correct Installation of Software– Do it right the first time and you’ll already be on track to get to work faster. Don’t you always dream of someone from Ikea being right there when you are putting that wall unit together? We can get you set up immediately.

Avoid Common Mistakes – We know all the tricks of the trade as well as the pitfalls and can guide you through them in person.

Learning as Group – Do you have a team launching your business?  We will ensure everyone is learning the same material at the same rate.  


Cost Effective – Free if you find videos online on a platform like YouTube however the quality of these can be all over the map.

E-Learning Courses– Will cost a bit but can usually be relied on for their professional content. These allow you to learn the material at your own pace.

Flexible – You can fit videos into your day whenever it works best for you.

Global – If your new company will have employees in different geographical locations, learning by video can be economical and uniform.

Keeping up to Date – Video is a good place to check for updates in your software and to find out about the latest tips and tricks.

At the end of the day, a combination of video and professional consultation is best. The videos will complement what you have learned, acting as a powerful support tool to the personal professional consultation. Want to give your new business the best chance of success right at the start though? You need to go offline.

Do you feel ready to go? Ready to launch or expand your new business? If not, the Money Dream Machine was created for you. Get in touch and we’ll help you turn your business dream into a successful reality.

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