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So you’ve got a great idea and you are eager to get on with launching it but have you thought everything through? Take your Start-Up through these questions and get ready for your dream to become your business!

⦁ Are you going to run your business as ‘Self Employed’ or get ‘Incorporated’ ?
⦁ Do you have an accountant?
⦁ How about a tax accountant?
⦁ Do you need to register for GST/HST ?
⦁ Are you going to be doing the bookkeeping yourself or are you going to hire someone to do your books?
⦁ Do you have a organized system in place for invoices and receipts?
⦁ Most importantly, do you know what software you are going to use?

⦁ Experience. I can provide you with priceless advice and serve as a sounding board as I know the pitfalls and can steer you in the right direction.
⦁ The Right Contacts. Whether that is introducing you to a CPA or a tax accountant, I know who you need to talk to.
⦁ Training. Even if you don’t want to do your own books, I always find it important to help my clients understand how to read their financial reports. You need to understand your cash flow to make your business work.
⦁ Knowledge. I am here to give you my expert advice on accounting software and apps and I’ll help you answer all those questions up there and more!
I know how to start a business from ground up and keep the financial part running smoothly.
I know where the financial pitfalls of new business owners can be. Let me be your advisor when starting a new business and watch your business thrive.
Don’t wait until the business is in trouble to hire someone – we all know the key to success is to prevent the problems before they have a chance to develop…