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When was K+D launched?

Megan Kalaman and I partnered in 2017 and launched K+D in 2018. We also acquired her sole proprietorship which she had been running since 2013.

How did you come up with the concept for K+D?

Both Megan and I have backgrounds in art and business. Each of us noticed an untapped niche in the market and decided to leverage the opportunity. We also knew that by merging forces we would be able to build something really exciting.

Congratulations to you and your business partner Megan Kalaman for being nominated for the RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Awards. Can you tell me more about the nomination?

The RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Awards recognizes female business owners from across Canada who make impressive and substantial contributions to the local, Canadian or global economy. The award is an initiative of Women of Influence, an award-winning organization dedicated to advancing women globally. All nominees are required to submit thorough applications, which are reviewed and judged by a panel of prominent business leaders and subject to due diligence performed by KPMG. We feel very honoured to have been recognized as Finalists, and we are grateful to have had the opportunity to connect with such incredible, like-minded women who continue to inspire, enlighten and motivate us to reach greater heights in our sector.

What Services are offered by K+D?

We work with private, corporate and institutional art collectors, and offer three pillars of service: cataloguing, collections management, and art advising.

Our Cataloguing Service involves documenting art collections, researching provenance, organizing client paperwork, and obtaining fair market values so clients have a complete picture of their art collections and everything they need for insurance, estate planning and overall peace of mind.

Our Collections Management Service involves caring for our clients’ art collections day-to-day. This includes keeping their records up to date, tracking their art assets, and coordinating activities around the collection such as art transport, loans to institutions, installations, conservation, and more.

Our art Advisory Services are perhaps the most comprehensive and involve helping clients navigate the Canadian and international art markets. This includes advising on art acquisitions as well as on the sale or donation of artwork. A big part of what we do is build visual programs for corporations, meaning we work with companies that are designing new towers or renovating their offices to develop and implement curated art programs. Our aim is always to advance the corporation’s art collection and create a meaningful visual experience through the thoughtful acquisition and display of original artwork.

What is unique about your company?

I think what sets us apart from other businesses in our industry is our curatorial approach and storytelling ability. We really listen to our clients. We’re incredibly thorough. We know how to think big without losing sight of the finer details. And we utilize technology in innovative ways to elevate the level of service we can provide to our clients. 

How did you build your team?

Although we are operating as a small business, we have a large footprint and have managed to grow our team dramatically over the past couple of years. From 2013 to 2016, Megan’s sole proprietorship maintained a team consisting entirely of sub-contractors. Since partnering and launching K+D, we have grown our team to include a full-time staff of eight, plus casual, part-time employees and sub-contractors. We built our team strategically to ensure we would have the right combination of skills, experience and art expertise under one roof. Many of our staff have held senior positions at many of our country’s leading cultural institutions, as well as at public and private galleries throughout North America; some of our team members have also worked with several of Canada’s most iconic private and corporate art collections.

Do you work locally or nationally?

We work nationally. Our staff is based in Toronto, Vancouver and Halifax, and we have clients and projects across Canada.

If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

Listen to your gut and surround yourself with positive people who challenge, inspire and support you.

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