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Do you feel like you are sometimes trapped in your own version of the Groundhog Day movie? Is it time to get your small biz dream off the ground? Here are some signs that will help you see when you are ready to be the next great startup…

You get up every day and follow your morning routine, heading off to work with the rest of the city. Every day starts blending into the next. You are not challenged. You may even be bored and unhappy. This is definitely the first sign that you are ready for a change. Most people just start looking for a new job, but you are dreaming of being your own boss. This could be the moment to strike out alone. This could be your moment to start your own business.

Another sign you are ready to start your own business is a burning desire to see your great idea come to life. You’ve been thinking about it constantly and you know you are onto something great. Don’t quit your job until you have done all your research though. Think about what skills you bring to the table. Does your idea solve a problem? Are you filling a hole in the market? Can you start online or does your product require a bricks and mortar location?

Who do you have on your team? Being an entrepreneur can be a lonely endeavor. You will need your own team of supporters to help you and your business succeed. Do you have support from your family and friends? Have you built a network in the business area you are going into? Make sure that everyone around you honestly thinks your idea is amazing too otherwise your small business could flop. If you’ve got the support you need, that is your next sign.

Have you got your finances in order? If you have a decent nest egg and have the investment required to make the big leap to entrepreneurship, you could be ready to make your move. Not all businesses start making money instantly so you need to make sure you can get by until it does.

So what is holding you back? For most people, it is simply the fear of the unknown. The key to conquering it is to prepare, prepare, prepare. That’s where I come in. You have the idea and I have the execution. I will guide you through all the steps you need to start a business and help you create short and long-term goals. So have you seen the signs? Then get in touch and let’s make your business dream a reality…