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Revisit and Refine Your Business Plan

Maybe you wrote it a long time ago, maybe not but now is the perfect time to look at it with fresh eyes. Go through everything point by point and see if it is really ready to go. Have your goals changed? Will your timeline still work? Have you got every financial detail ready to go? Need help? We can go through it with you and get it in ship shape condition for your 2019 launch.

Feeling Socially Awkward?

Before you launch is the best time to get all your social media looking good and regularly updated.  As soon as people start to hear about your business, they are going to check you out on social so your business needs to look solid.  

Set up the profiles that suit your business best and focus on those if your time is limited. Facebook and Instagram are key platforms for any retail endeavours and Twitter and Linkedin are most important for more professional industries. Set yourself a schedule and stick to it – regular posting looks good on your business and will start getting you some potential customers or clients in line before you even launch.

Don’t feel comfortable getting social? Then leave it to the professionals. Outsourcing social media is common practice these days and there are options for all sizes of business available out there. This can be a great plan for the first 6 months of your business in helping get the word out.

Show Me the Money

Business already started? Make an appointment with your accountant to go through your year-end financials and discuss any taxes that are due.  Your accountant can help you determine areas for growth by providing insight on cash flow patterns. What is the health of your business? Staying on top of your finances is crucial to the success of your business.  

Success Comes from Failure

Your parents and teachers always told you to learn from your mistakes and guess what? They were right! No one likes to admit failure but one of the best things you can do for your business this year is to take a long hard look at what didn’t work last year. You don’t have to stay attached to those ideas that you thought were great but really fell flat. Swallow your business pride and look at everything objectively to see what went wrong and what you can do differently this year.

Learn Something New

To keep evolving as a business owner, you need to keep learning about your business. I see too many entrepreneurs who have the great idea but their business fails because they never learned about how their business really works. We think the most important thing is to learn how to do your own financials. Even if you don’t end up doing them for your business, truly understanding them and being able to follow your cash flow will give you complete control and confidence in your business.

Do you feel ready to go? Ready to launch or expand your new business? If not, the Money Dream Machine was created for your. Get in touch and we’ll help you turn your business dream into a successful reality.