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Bartering – A Great Way To Start and Grow Your Business!

Wondering how to grow your business when money is tight? Give bartering a try! You may think this centuries old practice that pre-dates money went out of fashion with the pioneer days but it is all the rage for new businesses in all fields today.  Don’t be afraid to discuss bartering with potential client but it is important that you know the value of your item and what you are receiving. The exchange has to make good financial sense. Also you must keep a record of all your barter transactions including expenses and income from them.

If you are interested but not sure how to get started I suggest joining a barter network.  Yes! They exist and are a fantastic resource.

I myself accepted a barter offer from a potential new client for their grass fed beef and steak for 6 months- I knew the value and what I would be saving over that time by not having to purchase myself.