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A quick scroll through Facebook and you will see tons of ads for webinars with promises of how to expand your customer base, generate more revenue and increase your email marketing lists. Those programs don’t help people who haven’t started their business yet. So many entrepreneurs run into trouble six months in because they never learned how to set up their businesses correctly from the beginning. What I offer is coaching that lays out step by step, everything you need in order to start a business.

Think of it like going to buy a car for the first time.  Are you just going to buy the first one you see because it’s shiny and exciting? Of course not!  You need to do your homework. There are steps for the first-time buyer – before you even head out to the dealership.  You need to know your budget. What size car and model do you want? What will serve you best in the future – gas, hybrid or electric? Will you be driving a car for work or just on weekends? How much will insurance cost you and should you buy the vehicle outright or lease it? This same thought process should be used when you are thinking of opening your first business.

Starting a business doesn’t begin when you open your door and invite your first customer in. It starts the moment you have cemented your great idea and are ready to map it out in detail. There is so much to think about – business plan, business name, business registration, business structure – understanding financials etc…. Sounds logical right? Well, it is but I cannot tell you how many entrepreneurs have come to me for help six months or a year in after they have run into major, sometimes dream ending problems that were the direct result of not setting up correctly beforehand.

So how does it work? The program is broken down into 5 Modules.

Module 1 – Decide Your Profit Plan: Business 101
  • Understanding different forms of business ownership: Sole Proprietorship; Corporation; Partnership
  • Information required to register a business
  • Nailing down your business name
  • How to register your business name
  • Doing a business plan
Module 2 – Hidden Forces That Determine Your Business Success
  • Guide you with licences and permits
  • Business number registration – do you require a business number
  • Understanding GST/HST
  • Payroll and WSIB (Workplace Safety & Insurance Board)
  • What business insurance is required
Module 3 – How Do You Know if Your Idea Will Make Money?
  • Assisting with business record keeping.
  • Understand Cloud accounting and Apps
  • Which Apps to use to streamline your business
  • Procedures for running your business
  • Bookkeeping training 
Module 4 – Make Your Financials Fun to Read
  • Learn how to read and understand financials
  • Understanding cash-flow – critical to your business
  • Weekly phone call meeting to check-in on your progress or bounce ideas around
  • Monthly face-face meetings if requested
Module 5 – Pick the Right People and Processes
  • Introduction to either a CA, CPA or tax accountant. Will arrange meeting and attend with you.
  • Bring to the table my network of resources for Social Media: Help with Twitter, Facebook, LInkedIn, Blogging & More.
  • In conjunction with other partners this program also includes a Free consultation for the following services:
  • Debt Solutions
  • Investment Strategies
  • Small Business Insurance and Benefits
  • Retirement Planning

Until now, there wasn’t a coaching program that guided you one-on-one through the entire process of setting up your business. I tailor everything to you, your business and industry. I will get you organized and keep your goals on track. Many businesses never make it from dream to reality because people don’t know where or how to start. If you are ready to take your idea from paper and make it a reality then The Money Dream Machine program is for you!