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The Money Dream Machine program, contains 5 modules with a mixture of different training styles to suit your personal needs.

  • remote training sessions for certain modules
  • meetup for face-face training
  • Weekly phone call meeting to check-in on your progress and answer any questions

Training has always been my passion and is the backbone of everything I do. What is important to know about training is that as the trainee, you can’t just sit back and hope that everything is going to just be magically absorbed by you. Here are some great tips to make sure you are getting the most out of any training session…

  • Make Sure the Training Suits You. Before you even sign up, make sure that the skills training being offered is something that you are ready to learn. You will get more out of it if it is something you will be able to implement immediately on the job.
  • Be On Time!  Is your training session on location? No one wants to be the person who arrives late and then has to take that last seat in the very front row, disrupting everyone as they go. Leave yourself plenty of time to get to your session, pick your seat and settle in. You won’t feel rushed and you will be ready to focus on the material when the session begins.
  • Be Prepared.  Make sure you are clear about the session topic and about what you need to bring. Get in touch with the instructor ahead of time with any questions or concerns. If the course you are attending requires you to bring your own computer, make sure you have the required program already installed. I repeat! DON’T WAIT UNTIL THE CLASS STARTS TO INSTALL THE PROGRAM! It can grind the entire session to a halt if you start having download issues and you will miss valuable information. Installing early gives you the time to test the program, to make sure everything’s running smoothly and to come up with a prepared list of questions or comments.  
  • Ditch the Distractions!  If you are checking your phone every five minutes, what are you learning? Nothing! Time to turn it off. Yes, off. If you truly want to absorb what is being taught, you need to be able to devote all of your focus to the instructor. Muted phones still have distracting notifications popping up. If you want to power up, you need to power off. Choose to sit away from people who are too chatty or who are constantly checking their phones.
  • Be Focused! Be positive and interested.  Come with a goal of what you would like to get out of the session and work towards it. Ask questions … participate. Asking questions will help increase your ability to retain the information.
  • Involve Others. Get actively involved. Share your own experiences with the class. By involving the other participants you might find out that they have run into the same issues you have. Listen to what others have to say about their own experiences.
  • Relate to Your Work. During the training, think of ways in which you can relate what you are learning to your own work – this is the main reason why you are taking the course.  Take notes that can help you come up with an action plan that is specific to your job.
  • Implement. Make sure to implement what you have learned within the next few days otherwise the training was for nothing and you will forget the content. This is why number 1 on this list is so important! Be ready for training and make sure it is ready for you too!
  • Have Fun! The more you enjoy the training…the more you will learn… have fun!
  • Follow Up! Just because the session is over, doesn’t mean the learning has to end. Get in touch with the trainer and let them know if you have any questions. Let them know if you met the goal the you wanted to achieve with the training. Talk to colleagues who attended the same session and share your new knowledge!

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